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2022-2023 In Review

Chapter Officers

Our '22-'23 Officer Team's motto was "Leave a Legacy", and they did just that. Comprised of Seniors Jill and Anthony, Juniors Jori and Taylor, and Sophomores Jackson and Peyton, the team constantly worked with the chapter to plan amazing events and reach out to the community.

Chapter Meetings

'22-'23 was our opportunity to get back into the swing of things following the post-COVID school year from '21-'22.  We took full advantage of this, planning fun events that sometimes included the entire community and even other grades!  From our Back to School BBQ to our Blacklight Dodgeball, it was an amazing year for events.


A huge part of getting back to normal was Conventions. In November, a group of students, plus our Food Science and Advanced Parlimentary Pro teams, attended the National FFA Convention held in Indianapolis, IN.  There, the Parli Pro team placed in top 12, and the Food Science team placed 10th. And later on in March, we were lucky enough to take a large (and fun) group to the California State Convention held in Sacramento. Students also attended MFE, ALA, and GLC! We were also lucky enough to send 2 students to the Washington Leadership Conference!!


Many students took part in SAE's, both as part of class projects and as personal projects, such as fair and even running businesses. We had many students show at fair, from market rabbits to beef and dairy. It was also a big year for Floral SAE's as weddings returned to normal and many kids were able to help design for various weddings!

Field Days/Competitions

As we returned to normal, so did field days and competitions for our various teams! From the local level to the national level, many of our teams and students succeeded and had lots of fun!!


One major part of our chapter is recruitment, and we did lots of it from 2022-2023. From our Fall Ag Day, which introduces 3rd graders to the ins and outs of agriculture, to our 8th Grade Recruitment meeting, we heavily prioritized reaching out to other schools, grades, and even students at our school that aren't yet involved!

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