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Why take an Ag class? 

We asked and they answered:

"You should join an Ag class because they are awesome! You learn so much about the interesting world of agriculture! In ag Biology, we learned how some farms take cow manure and turn it into fuel and fertilizer. They use the fertilizer to grow their crops which was then used to feed the cows. It's a cycle! We also do fun labs, including dissecting sheep eyes, making marshmallow 'Rebops,' decorated Oreos for meiosis, and more! The world of agriculture is interesting. You should sign up for an Ag class!"

-Jori Frame, Class of 2024 

"Ag and FFA has taught me a lot in such a short amount of time. It has taught me how the food that ends up on our table gets there, it has also opened my eyes to job ideas and careers that I hadn't thought of before. FFA has taught me how to be confident and how to act as a leader would. I have gained so much knowledge because I chose to become an Ag student and I would 10/10 recommend it."

-Taylor Klein, Class of 2024

"You should take an ag class because it is a hands on class and helps educate you beyond just school. It helps you grow as a student and as well as a person. the teachers are helpful and willing to go above and beyond for their students"

- Kiera Schloeder, Class of 2022

"Joining an Ag class brings together others from all different backgrounds with the main focus of becoming more knowledgeable of Ag subjects. Becoming a part of an Ag class will help develop your knowledge of Ag and create new bonds with students that share the same interests as you."

- Cole Parker , Class of 2022

"I think you should take an ag class because it provides so many experiences to help you learn and grow as a person and with your peers that no other class could"

- Myracle lynch, Class of 2021

"Agricultural education pushes students to learn relevant technical skills to pursue a career and encourages students to be leaders in their school, community, and home."
-Braden Crosson, Class of 2021

"The agricultural based classes offer an unmatched ability to learn through hands-on learning. While creating an understanding of the processes, students are able to demonstrate their learning through various projects. Offering an array of interests, agricultural classes prepare students with the skills necessary to benefit themselves in school, the workplace, and their own community."
-Teddy Lopez, Class of 2021 

“Ag classes are for those that want a great experience that can have a huge impact on themselves as a leader. The friends you make, things you learn, and steps you take in the FFA through these Ag classes is what shapes the agriculturalists and leaders of the future”
Luke powers, Class of 2021

"The experience. With ag classes going way more in depth in each subject and actually being more hands on than other classes, The experience  you get beats any other class, The people are also interested in the same things as you, so it’s easy to meet new people and find more friends"

- Ethan Lockie, Class of 2022

"You should join an ag class because we will meet and make so many new friends, not just from your school but from all over as well and have so many opportunities to grow as a person."
-Liberty Matthews, Class of 2022 

“In an Ag class, you get the chance to make a lot of new friends, and the classes are actually a lot of fun to be in.”

-Itzel Zavala, Class of 2021

"As a senior over these past 4 years ag and FFA has made a huge difference in my life i have not only grown in my knowledge but personally grown so much as a person."
-Sammi Bauer, Class of 2021

"Ag classes take a hand on approach in all subjects; this gears students to be career ready and learn at a much quicker pace."
-Trevor Schmeidt, Class of 2021

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