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 Our entire Ag Department is based around the 3-

ring FFA model, which includes the classroom, FFA,

and, of course, Supervised Agricultural Experiences

- a.k.a SAEs.  Inside the classroom, students get the opportunity to do instruction-led SAEs - a floral business in Advanced Floral, an interior scaping project in Horticulture, and a plant science project in Ag Biology.  However, in Ag Chemistry and Advanced Agriculture, students are also required to do their own Agriscience projects - research based on agriculture subjects - which count as SAEs.

Outside of the class, students have other opportunities to do SAEs.  This includes showing an animal at fair - which many of our members do - or running an agriculture-related business (floral, welding, landscaping, etc)

SAE Types:

• Placement: paycheck jobs related to the agriculture industry (Tractor Supply, landscaping, Farm Mechanic, Floral Shop, etc)

• Entrepreneurshiprunning a personal business (floral, woodworking, welding, showing at fair, etc)

• Researchresearch about an agriculture-related subject (public surveys, food science, plant science, animal science, etc)

• School-Based Enterprisea business run through school (class-based interiorscaping, etc)

• Service Learningcommunity service that can be related to agricultural industry skills (volunteering at a shelter, etc)

Showing at Fair
A Wedding
Horticulture SAE
Rabbits at Fair
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