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Greenhand Leadership Conference 

Introduces freshmen to the benefits and opportunities in Agricultural Education, including SAE and FFA. This conference is the “hook-line-and-sinker to get students to buy into Agricultural Education throughout their four years in high school.

Date: TBD

Location: Lodi High School 

National Convention

The National FFA Convention & Expo is a sea of blue jackets – FFA members from all corners of the nation converging in one place to celebrate their accomplishments and find inspiration for their next. Motivational keynote speakers, energetic concerts, fulfilling workshops and a sweeping Expo floor bustling with agriculture education and industry opportunities will have you snapping pics and grabbing videos of all of the experiences you'll remember forever.

Date: October 30 - November 2

Location: Indianapolis, IN 

Made for Excellence

Personal development starts with the individual. Self-discovery of talents, strengths, interests and personal character are emphasized as the individual is channeled to discover their passion in life. This conference focuses on "ME: one's personal skills and development of the ability to be successful."

Date: January 10-11

Location: Sacramento

Advanced Leadership Academy 

Once a leader is comfortable with their own self and self-purpose, they can discover how to work with others and establish a goal. The process for analyzing program needs and planning a project or event is the focus of this conference as students discover how to be teams of innovative leaders in their chapter. This conference about "WE: the individual leader, their relationships with others and how to establish common vision." 

Date: January 10-11

Location: Sacramento

Sacramento Leadership Experience 

Students step into the role of one of California's State legislators, are assigned a specific California district and spend four days in Sacramento. SLE is all about the role of government, agricultural policy and advocacy. This conference focuses on Community Development and DO: the ability of the individual leader and team to put their vision into action.

Date: February 25-28

Location: Sacramento 

State FFA Leadership Conference 

The convention encourages students to develop personal and team leadership skills, discover agricultural careers, establish lasting friendships and strive for success.  It also will highlight student accomplishments in public speaking and production practices with proficiency awards, scholarships and special recognitions.

Date: April 24-26

Location: Sacramento

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